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Sanima Bank offers VISA brand domestic debit card which is accepted in Nepal and India. This card permits customers to withdraw cash from almost all ATMs and to pay directly during purchases of goods & services from various merchants (POS terminals) accepting VISA cards.

Withdrawal Limits

For security reasons the maximum ATM and POS withdrawal from your account is as per below;

Cash withdrawal limit in ATM

Currency Per Transaction Daily Monthly
Nepal NPR. 25,000 100,000 400,000
India INR 15,000 15,000 100,000

POS Purchase Transaction Limit

Currency Per Transaction Daily Monthly
Nepal NPR. 100,000 300,000 600,000
India INR 100,000 100,000 100,000

* It will valid on Sanima ATM and can vary on other bank’s ATM

Fee and charges applicable in Sanima Visa Debit Card
The following charge will be applicable for the usage of Sanima Visa Debit Card
Issuance Fee                                                NPR 500
Re-issuance Fee                                          NPR 500
Card Validity                                                 5 Years
Installment Fee                                           Upfront total payment-NPR 2000 for five years ORNPR. 500 on first year and NPR. 500 for four subsequent years
Pin regeneration Fee                                   NPR 150.00
Card Block Charge                                      NPR 100.00
ATM Cash Withdrawal on Sanima ATM                                          NIL
ATM Cash Withdrawal Other VISA Network ATMs in Nepal           NPR Rs. 20 (Free for first three cash transactions in each English Calendar.)
ATM Cash Withdrawal Other VISA Network ATMs in India             NPR 250
Balance Enquiry on Sanima ATM                                                    NIL Balance
Enquiry on VISA Network ATMs                                                      NPR 20.00
Balance Enquiry from India ATMs                                                    NPR 50.00

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